Hellooo :)
I enjoy:
Exploring a new city or a new area of London by just walking around until a local bar or restaurant inspires me to stroll in.
Going off the social media grid whilst on holiday or visiting family.
Continually learning and developing myself through reading, workshops and courses.
My job - there is nothing better than giving and/or receiving a massage
Playing the ukulele - sort of ;).
CHOCOLATE!! It was my first love, and it's often my treat of choice ;))
Trying new things. My new favourite form of exercise is rebounding (to a soundtrack of Calvin Harris and Ibiza classics).

Values I believe in - freedom, creativity, connection, playfulness, joy, authenticity, integrity and openness.

Favourite places: London - Hampstead, Primrose Hill, the parks and galleries, independent cafes and cinemas.
Holidays - New York, Bali, Italy, South of France, Berlin, Scandinavia, European city breaks.

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